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TORQ Events is the one-man side hustle of Carl Wells - a place to channel his enthusiasm for inventing creative and competitive cycling events.


It all started with a series of mystery Strava-art charity group rides in 2017, which included the famous Laser Kiwi and the Big Cock Ride.  The Auckland Hill Climb Series was launched in 2019, and has grown and since spread to Wellington and Taupō.  The ultimate lockdown project was the 2021 VAM Challenge with riders taking part all across the country and the world - culminating in a virtual prizegiving and quiz with over 100 participants.   His most recent project is the Westie Wildcat, an all original team alleycat race.

Carl emigrated to Aotearoa from Boston, USA in 2007 to play French Horn with the Auckland Philharmonia.  The discovery of Auckland's wild and scenic roads lured him into cycling and all the endorphins, suffering, and community that make it great.

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