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In teams of two, race to checkpoints, complete wacky challenges, and win prizes. 


How many points can you score in three hours?

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Who?  Anyone who loves a morning spent riding with mates.  Customise the course to suit your team's level of fitness and ambition.


Where? The Riverhead Tavern in West Auckland


When?   Sunday 14 April, 8am-11am, followed by a pub lunch and prizegiving

Bikes?  The course is designed for road bikes, though gravel bikes and ebikes are most welcome.  There will be two optional short gravel sections.  To complete all Checkpoints, expect to ride 45k (if you don't get lost!)

Ride for a cause...

This year we're supporting the good work of the Auckland City Mission.  Any dollar amount paid above your entry fee will be added to our donation.

  Please be generous.


A twist will be revealed on the start line ;)


Pete H

 Last year's Wildcat was superb, a real grassroots, fun event.  I did it with my wife Scoobie , and we have talked about it often.  So good to see someone doing something  a bit different.  Chapeau!

A closer look...


Arrive early enough to The Riverhead Tavern for an 8am start.  Upon arrival, sign in at the registration table to receive your Scorecard and Map.  This will reveal all Checkpoints, Segments, and Challenges.  



Prior to 8am, all bikes must be placed in the designated area in preparation for a Le Mans-style start. At the signal, find your bike and go! 


Toilets will be available at The Riverhead from 7:15am.


The event will be postponed one week if the weather garbage.  If it is postponed, there will be a note on Facebook, Strava, Instagram, and an email sent to all registered teams as late as the morning of.



Teams of two must ride together at all times .  Teams are allowed to ride with other teams.


Just before the start, your team will receive a list of Checkpoint locations and a map (info will also be emailed).  When arriving at each location, look for the bright 'flag' which will contain a book. Tear out the page which corresponds with your team number.  Then present all your pages at finish line check-in to receive your points.   


Be back to the finish by 11am.  Late arrivals may be docked points at the discretion of the Race Committee.  




Teams must submit their Scorecards to the Race Committee by 11:30am.


Over $5,000 prizes will be awarded:

  • Best Team Costume 

  • Top Score

  • Nipple Guess Winner

  • and more!


Stay on at the pub for a beer and some lunch!


Use your Scorecard to tally your points as you go.  Bring a pen, or rely on the provided pencils. Make a plan with your teammate and decide what you want to do in what order.  At the finish line, submit your Scorecard and any supporting materials to the Race Committee for verification.  The Committee will then enter your Scorecard data into a spreadsheet for live rankings visible on the projector screen in the pub.

Scorecards are available for retrieval after Prize-giving 


Please keep in mind that the intention of the Wildcat is to be fun and challenging.  The expectation is that participants will abide not only by the above rules, but also by the spirit of sportsmanship and good faith.


The Race Committee reserves the right to issue bonus or demerit points, should they be so inspired.  


Any questions or concerns please contact the Race Committee.  


Constructive feedback is always appreciated.   

Our Supporters

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